We are a small workshop that produces  handmade garments


what makes us different

We produce unique clothes
– We use natural materials
Our  products are handmade


We have won many awards

The workshop for clothes manufacturing


The workshop for clothes manufacturing and interior objects made with cottage industry techniques registered in 2011. The workshop owns the ‘Open Hand’ certificate assigned by the Department for the Economy and Regional Development for weaving on a hand- loom. The idea of opening a workshop has been born with Danijela Jerinkics wish for her hobby and of many years standing love towards clothes manufacturing to grow into a business which would be done with love.

Sewing and crochet have come into her workshop through our grandmothers´ heritage. Through the years, the knowledge of old and forgotten techniques has grown andis spreading outside the workshop as well with the help of the professional associations. Old workmanship that her grandmothers cherished, lives though Frajla`s products. By combining handmade crafted details and industrial material, you get a quality product that is easy to maintain. EveryFrajla product is unique and individual because our goal is to make every woman feel special wearing it as if that chosen item has been made especially for and because of you.

 the person behind Frajla 

About me

Behind Frajla is Danijela Jerinkic. Born in 1983 in Kikinda.


Member of the Domestic Craft Collective “Unikat”, where I attended the basic course of weaving.

 I worked on the design and production of clothes and interior items with traditional techniques (weaving, crochet, filet lace)


Volonterski obavlja poslova prodaje i robnog knjigovodstva u ZDR UNIKAT, Kikinda.

2006.- 2012.

President of Unikat Association

Throughout my work through the education of weaving in the Unikat association, I brought old crafts closer to the local community, especially to the young people, in order to bring the tradition back to the contemporary life of the present.

2007.- ...

Kao edukator tkanja održala je na desetine obuka, od kojih se izdvaja projekat Etno Mreže,


U projektu Licenciranje radionica, Etno Mreža i GIZ, u Sokobanji drži
edukaciju necane čipke za deset žena koje su svoje znanje iskoristile u projektu Javnih


Obuka necane čipke u Pančevu za deset žena.


Učešće u radionici Make It New, dvogodišnji evropski projekat usmeren ka edukaciji očuvanju i
promociji tradicionalnog kulturnog nasleđa na nivou SRB, HR i BiH.


  • Awards at Miniatures Exhibitions organized by Etno Network Professional Association, Belgrade.
  • Exhibition “100 women 100 miniatures”
  • 2010 The most successful young author in the traditional technique of the filet lace.
  • 2010. Najbolja minijatura u tradicionalnoj tehnici necane cipke. 2010. The best miniature in traditional technique of the filet lace.
  •  2012. The best miniature in the category of the young author.

OUR customers about us

One pleased customer, commendation for all the unique, handmade sweaters and coats. I have a sweater and a coat made in accordance with my wishes and measures, of excellent quality, made with a lot of love.Bravo for skils, idea, will, desire and perseverance. BRAVO for FRAJLA

Ivana Milćanović, Beograd

I like to wear the “Frajla” sweaters because they are original, romantic, and unique! Anyone who wants to be different, and be special, should have at least a couple of Frajla handicrafts!

Radosna Vlajkov, Zrenjanin

Original, imaginative work, congratulations on your ideas, and at the same time prices are adapted to our standard. If that wasn’t the case I would not buy two ponchos already, and I would like to have some more…

Mirjana Dzepina, Novi Sad

Dear Danijela, in 2012 (or 2013 in the BIG shopping center) I bought my first Frajla dress! And now I don’t even count them anymore in the closet, dresses or tunics. I’m very satisfied! Keep it up! Greetings, Jelica

Jelica Spasojević, Šabac

what is our secret

Each garment is unique

By using bold colors and asymmetrical cuts the clothes that are created in a Frajla workshop will guarantee a unique look for you.

Natural materials

The garments are made of cotton, linen, wool and a small percentage of mixes for easier maintenance.

Natural materials give quality and durability print to our product.


In the Frajla workshop, interior items, as well as women’s hand-woven garments, are made of hand-woven cloth on a table loom

The forgotten old technique of a filet and netting lace still lives in our workshop through the lace we apply to the shirts and dresses.

Woolen and knitted fabrics are combined with crochet and by adding a handmade edge, our creations become absolutely irresistible.


063 17 56 216


Braće Subotički 11



Work hours

Work days: 8 – 13
Saturday : 8 – 13